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Dropbox Droplet Widget

defaultdropboxdroplet1I’ve recently been working on learning how to develop Mac OS X Dashboard widgets, and I thought a good little project would be to make a droplet to allow Dropbox (a very cool service and application) users to share files easily using their Public folder and its respective public URL. It used a lot of javascript and CSS, both things I was fairly unfamiliar with, but make a lot of sense (in a web context) and actually convey fairly easily to the widgets. Please download the widget and let me know what you think. It is compatible with every version of OS X that Dropbox is. If you have any questions, clicking the “?” mark on the back of the widget will bring up helpful instructions.

Edit: I’ve updated the link to point to version 1.0.1 which fixes an issue where copying to the Public directory didn’t always happen.

Mountain Lion Update: This widget is no longer working in Mountain Lion. The first problem is that it isn’t signed, so Gatekeeper restricts users from installing this widget from Mountain Lion OS X forward. The only way that I can sign this widget is with a $99/year Mac Developer account. I do not have a paid Mac Developer account, and I’m afraid I have no personal incentive other than to sign this widget that I wrote ~4 years ago and have distributed thousands of free copies.

When I wrote this widget years ago, Apple’s Widget Dashboard was a more first-class part of the operating system. Now, it is slowly dying off, I created this widget with the help of a Dashcode developer application. That application is no longer available, a further sign that Apple sees a very short future for Dashboard. For those reasons, it is unlikely I will be able to repair this widget to run in Mountain Lion and forward. I include a little technical detail in the next paragraph, and widgets are all “open source” so to speak (just right-click it and Show Package Contents), so if you would like to adapt this widget yourself, feel free, but please attribute my initial work, and also please email me to let me know. I will keep the widget available for download below. Thank you, and I appreciate your understanding.

To get slightly more technical, as I’ve investigated the problem after getting around the code-signing issue, I’ve seen this error pop-up (in the Console) at the point in the code where the widget reads what files were just dropped on it (the first step in using this widget usefully): “WindowServer[78]: _CGXSetWindowHasKeyAppearance: Operation on a window 0x5f3 requiring rights kCGSWindowRightOwner by caller Dashboard.” I think this may have to do with the sandboxing being added to Mountain Lion? I know Mac App Store apps need to request specific entitlements, and, since I can’t look up this error in the Mac Developer account reference area, I am at a loss to what it really means, and if it is a case of needing to request an entitlement, I wouldn’t know how to do that for a widget… If you have any feedback or ideas, please email me at the email address in the help section of the widget, or post a comment.


Download Dropbox Droplet Dashboard Widget

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